San Diego Miata Club

Planning A Charity Event

The Board must be involved in the planning of your event from the beginning and every step must have Board approval. All monies must be collected by SDMC's Treasurer.

  1. The first step in planning an event to benefit your favorite charity is to receive approval for several items from the San Diego Miata Club Board:
    • The charity must be approved by the Board. The Board must be given ample time to research your charity's nonprofit status.
    • What type of event are you planning? Are you planning to raise money for a charity, gather goods for a drive (such as Toys for Tots), or use the club's membership to provide volunteers (such as MDA Telethon).
    • Are you proposing to obtain vendor-donated prizes for your event? The Board must approve the method and the list of prospective donors, as well as approve and monitor any solicitation of gifts from vendors for a Club-related event. Miata-specific vendors are, for the most part, small businesses. Out of respect for these vendors the Board has limited contacting vendors for prizes or gifts to no more than one event per year. If you would like to have vendor-donated prizes at your event plan early.
  2. Coordinate a date with the Event Coordinator. It's possible that you may want to include other car clubs in your event, the Event Coordinator can provide you with contacts of other area car clubs.
  3. On or before the 15th of the month prior to your event, send a brief written description for the club newsletter that includes at least the following details:
    • Description of your charity event
    • Start time and place
    • End location and approximate length of time the event will take
    • Type of restaurant and approximate amount of money members should plan on bringing with them
  4. Prepare and make sufficient copies of written directions to hand out to those in attendance. (Use large type for reading ease.)
  5. Closer to the date, make contact with the restaurant or others that may need to prepare for our arrival. Provide details and number of people they should plan to expect.