San Diego Miata Club

Planning A Fun Run

  1. Select your favorite roads and/or destination.
  2. Coordinate a date with the Event Coordinator. Send the Coordinator a brief description of the run with the information described in item 4 below. The Coordinator will then post your event on the club's Events Calendar.
  3. Do a "pre-run" with the following things in mind:
    • Select a convenient meeting place with ample parking, easy access in and out, and restrooms.
    • If needed; depending on the time of the run, look for restaurants that can accommodate a large group. (It's a good idea to talk to the manager to let them know what you have in mind and when... maybe they can work out a special deal for the group.)
    • Look for safe places to "queue up" in case the group gets split up by lights or traffic.
    • Have we mentioned the importance of restrooms?
  4. Send run information to the Newsletter editor for the Events Page. It is a good idea to send this information as soon as you know the date. A few months before the event is a very good idea. Do this even if you only send the date and name of the event, this way it is a date holder for our members. The unkown information will show 'TBD'. Note: The dead line for any month issue is the 15th of the month PRIOR to the month you want your information published. As soon as you know send information that includes at least the following details:
    • Date
    • Event name
    • Time of drivers meeting
    • Meeting location
    • Point of Contact
  5. Prepare and make sufficient copies of written directions to hand out to those in attendance. (Use large type for reading ease.)
  6. Closer to the date, make contact with the restaurant or others that may need to prepare for our arrival.

A few other suggestions:

  • It's helpful if you take along someone to help you make notes on your "pre-run" so you can write up directions, mileage odometer readings, and road signs to follow.
  • For Miata's sake, avoid dirt roads!
  • Consider combining the run with an activity like a wine tour, museum, etc.
  • Those that have already sponsored a run are good resources for tips and, of course, the event coordinator can assist you if you need any help.

As a special "thank you," first-time Fun Run leaders are given a set of eight-inch magnetics of the club logo with the Miata in their car color. This is the only way to earn magnetics.