San Diego Miata Club

Planning A Social Event - aka Wheels'n'Meals

Wheels'n'Meals are social events generally held in the middle of the week at a local area restaurant. It's fun to get together with members in your local area, share a meal at a favorite restaurant while enjoying "Miata camaraderie." Many times those from outside your area will show up just for the fun.

A Wheels'n'Meals event is easy to plan:

  1. Select a favorite restaurant that can:
    • Accommodate a large group. Some restaurants are unable to handle a large group quickly and conveniently. It's a good idea to talk to the manager to let them know what you have in mind and when. Many restaurants have "slow" days in the middle of the week. Perhaps they can work out a special deal for the group (like a discounted menu item, free drinks, or?). Discuss the possibility of having separate checks.
    • Accommodate lots of Miatas. The restaurant should have ample, safe, off-street parking.
  2. Coordinate a date with the Event Coordinator. It is very important to clear the date before announcing the event.
  3. Supply the Event Coordinator a short write-up of your event for the newsletter, including date, time, place, directions and RSVP if needed.
  4. Close to the date, contact the restaurant manager to confirm the date and give an approximate number of people to expect.