San Diego Miata Club

Planning A Tech Day

While many of us will gladly do most of the work on our Miatas, some members have trepidations about picking up a wrench and approaching their beloved Roadsters. A few of the more daunting tasks have to be observed before many members will attempt to try it on their own Miatas. Some members have more experience working on automobiles or specifically on Miata-related tasks. Most are willing to share this experience with other club members and educate them on certain procedures. This, in general, is the idea behind Tech Days. We get together at a member's home and help each other. The knowledge is passed on to members who will, hopefully, pass it on to others and we all learn how to take better care of our Miatas.

If you would like to host a Tech Day, here are a few guidelines:

  • Do it for the right reason. If you are installing something on your car, invite others to learn or to help. Tech Days are not meant to be a way to get someone to do the work for you. They will be there to help you, not to be your private mechanic.
  • Pick a date that does not conflict with another event (check with the Events Coordinator). Announce it submit it for publication in the newsletter and on the club E-mail list. This will allow others who would like to help, or who need similar help, to attend. If this is a project you have not done before, ask for help from someone who has.
  • Be Prepared! Make sure you have the right tools, equipment, and parts to do the job. If you are unsure as to what is required, be sure to ask someone who is experienced in what will be needed.
  • Make an event of it! Provide some refreshments. Food always seems to motivate people to attend, and some even bring more goodies to munch as well!
  • Keep it reasonable. Don't try to set a record for the most shocks installed or the most timing belts changed. Usually one or two large projects is enough. Others who attend might have smaller things to do on their own cars.
  • Members who live in apartments are often not allowed to work on their Miatas in the complex. By hosting a Tech Day, you will be giving them a place to do the work they need to do as well, within reason. Rebuilding your entire engine in the host's driveway is not an appropriate way to repay the hospitality of a member who hosts a tech day.