San Diego Miata Club

SDMC Photo Albums

The SDMC photo albums are hosted by our mail provider To access the albums you need be a member of SDMC and have an account with Instructions on how to get an account are in the For Members section. To see the albums, please login to your account, the link above will take you there.

Creating Photo Albums

Members can create photo albums to share with the club by going to the Photos link provided above. In the upper left hand corner of the Photos section you will see the NEW ALBUM button, push the button. After you have named your album and given a description of it, push the CREATE button. If you do not want other members to add pictures to your album make sure you choose the Personal Access option.

Your album has now been created and will take you to your empty album. Add Photos, Edit your Album or Delete your album by choosing one of the three button in the upper left hand corner of the page.

You can add pictures one at a time by dragging it to the area provided, a description can be included.

You can also add all of them at one time by using the browsing feature. Navigate to the folder on your device where they are and select all of the ones you want to share. The description will be the same for all pictures.

Make sure you choose the "Notify Members" button to tell everybody you added your album.

Now that you have selected you photo(s) push the ADD button. Sometimes you have to wait a short time for all the images to be added to your album.

You now have added your new album to " and have notified SDMC members.