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This category covers all years of the Mazda MX-5 Miata and may be applicable to most vehicles.


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Bleeding the Brakes
This topic describes how to bleed your Miata's brakes. Bleeding the brakes periodically or when any brake work has been performed is essential to eliminate any air bubbles that may have built up in the hydraulic braking system. The presence of air bubbles reduces the pressure and performance of the braking system, and is generally noticeable by a "spongy" feel when applying the brakes.
Submitted by Robert "JTBob" Holland

Car Cover Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
This topic provides an excellent description and benefit analysis of several different types of car cover fabrics: Multibond (Sentrex), Evolution IV (Technalon II), NOAH, poly-cotton/tan flannel, Ultralon, and Sunbrella.
Submitted by "Voodoo" Bob Krueger

Meguiar's Car Care
This topic provides an outstanding explanation of how to use Meguiar's products to keep your Miata's finish looking just like it did when it left the factory. It's long, but it's worth the read!
By Thomas B. Nast. Reprinted with permission.

Paint Repair Process
This topic describes the process one member used to repair small paint chips on his Miata. The detailed process involves prepping the chip, applying touch-up paint, and finishing to make the repair less noticeable.
Submitted by Robert "JTBob" Holland

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