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Miata Tech - First Generation (NA) Tips and Pointers

This category covers 1990-1997 Miatas (with pop-up headlights).


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Altering the Seats for Tall People
This topic describes how to modify the seats in first generation (NA) Miatas to add about an inch of head and legroom. If you barely fit in your Miata, you would be surprised how much of a difference an inch makes!
Submitted by Bob Stretch

Engine Diagnostic Codes
This topic describes how to read the diagnostic codes in first generation (NA) Miatas without a special tool. It also provides a list of common diagnostic codes.
Submitted by "Voodoo" Bob Krueger

Steering Wheel Replacement
This topic describes how to replace the factory airbag-equipped steering wheel with an aftermarket wheel without an airbag. These instructions are specific for 1990-1993 Miatas, but the process may be similar for other first generation (NA) Miatas.
Submitted by "Voodoo" Bob Krueger

Advancing Engine Timing
This topic describes how to advance the ignition timing on first generation (NA) Miatas. Advancing the ignition timing provides a little extra power, but there are minor side effects.
Submitted by John O'Hara

Torque Specifications
This topic provides torque specifications for many different components in first generation (NA) Miatas. Specifications provided in foot-pounds and Newton-meters.

Miata Wink (Flash-to-Pass)
This topic describes how to modify early first generation (NA) Miatas so that the headlights pop-up automatically when the high-beams are flashed.
Submitted by Robert "JTBob" Holland

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