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The Miata Wink (aka Flash-to-Pass)

Submitted by Robert "JTBob" Holland

If you have an early Miata without a flash-to-pass feature (pull the left stalk toward the steering wheel and if nothing happens then read further), then this article will show you a way of implementing this cool trick. For furthur information, visit

The part that makes this feature work is a simple diode. You can get a pack of 3 from Radio Shack for about $2.00. It is Radio Shack part #276-1114 and is rated at 2.5 amps at 1 KV.

Now remove the metal plate below the steering column by removing the two phillips screws. Next locate the large 16 pin connector. You need to either twist the connector so that you can see the main car harness side or very carefully trace the wires through the connector. It seems that the wires may change color as they go through the connector. A different vender was used to supply the switch so the wires may change color.

Diagram of main harness.

Find the red/white (red with white stripe) wire on the main harness side. Also find the white/black (white with black stripe) wire on the same side. ** Note ** the diode is striped. This indicates which direction the current is allowed to flow. The silver striped side of the diode goes into the WHITE/BLACK wire and the other end into the RED/WHITE wire.

Simply insert the diode wires into the respective slots next to the appropriate wires on the harness. Press in as far as you can without kinking the wires. This will slide the diode ends into the connector making the needed connection and no soldering required. Cover any exposed wire of the diode with electrical tape to prevent shorts.

If you have a volt meter, the RED/WHITE wire will read 12 volts when "turn signal" stalk lever is puled back toward you as in the flash-to-pass mode. It should read 0 volts when the stalk is released. The WHITE/BLACK wire should show 12 volts when the headlights are on and 0 volts when they are off.

Now when you pull back on the turn signal indicator lever, the headlights should pop up and back down again when the lever is released.


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