Event Calendar

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SDMC members host several different types of events. The most common is the Fun Run, which is a driving event. Tech days are gatherings where club members can get help with or observe Miata repairs or improvements. Social events are get-togethers where SDMC members can socialize such as dinners or picnics. Charity events can be organized to help raise money for a good cause. SDMC members also participate in car shows and parades. Events are easy and fun to plan, and help is abundant.

As a reward and incentive for planning and hosting a Fun Run, members receive a pair of magnetic SDMC logos to display on their Miata. The Miata on the logos is the same color as their car!

Leading a Run

One way to become more involved with the club is to design and lead a run. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. The first time you lead a run, the club will gift you a set of “Magnetics”. These are magnetic sign for the side of your car with our club logo on them. You can even have the NA pictured in the logo be your car color. Planning a Fun Run explains what is involved to put together a run.

Run Communications (Two-way Radios)

Our goal is to have an enjoyable day driving our Miatas. Your fun will be enhanced by obtaining a two-way radio that has the communication specification listed on the Radio ordering and setup page. During a run we pass along driving instructions and warnings of traffic conditions to enhance the fun and saftey of the event. There is also chatter about all the great sights and what ever else may come to mind.

More Radio information:

Signature Events

Although SDMC has dozens of events every year, there are certain events that take place on a regular basis and attract a lot of participation. These are SDMC’s signature events.

 Rose Run
This annual New Year’s Day fun run was started by Ray and Christine Corbyons in 2006. Currently Daryled and Carlan Bristol lead this run. We being with a delicious breakfast somewhere. Then take some of the best twisty roads in the county ending up somewhere for lunch. Then we usually have more twisties on the way back. What a way to start off a new year!

Summer Picnic
The details of this event change often, but the Summer Picnic always happens. Usually preceded by a fun run, food comes from everyone in a massive potluck or a hired caterer. Regardless of where the food comes from, this event is always a big hit. Food, fun, Miatas, and a warm summer day!

Twilight Run
Here is another run that we have lost count of, dating back to the days before SDMC. Started by Mark and Cathy Booth, this annual late-summer run takes a more leisurely pace through east San Diego County and finds it way up Mount Laguna for breathtaking sunset views. This run has been known to attract more than 80 Miatas!

Moon Over Miatas
This is definitely one of the more unique fun runs, thought up by Steve and Laurie Waid. This late-summer run begins after the sun has set, and finds a large group of Miatas traveling through the desert on S2 under a gorgeous full moon, from Highway 78 to Interstate 8.

This is a huge regional event that SDMC hosts once every five years or so. Hundreds of Miata enthusiasts from several states and even other countries join SDMC for several days of fun runs and parties.

Holiday Party
What better way to conclude a year than a Holiday Party with all of your Miata friends? Originally held at members’ homes, SDMC has grown to banquet halls at beautiful restaurants like the Singing Hills Golf Resort. After dinner is the legendary SDMC gift exchange!