Club Bylaws

The San Diego Miata Club is a California corporation governed by bylaws approved by the membership. The bylaws establish the club’s name, purpose, membership and qualifications, board of directors, officers and duties, meetings, appointments, elections, dues, expenditures, and bylaws amendments.

San Diego Miata Club Bylaws

    Club Minutes (2021 >)

    The San Diego Miata Club Board minutes are now available starting with the year 2021.

    Board Meeting Minutes

      Club E-mail List and Roster Access

      Most of the club’s communications happens over e-mails via the service provider. To bring all of the club members together, the club operates one e-mail list called “SDMC-mail”. The group is available to SDMC members only.

      The roster is also keep with the provider and is available to members only.

      Instructions for joining and accessing the roster.

        Club Photo Directory

        To bring all of the club members together, the club offers a photo directory with optional contact information The directory is available to SDMC members only and is different from the official roster that is maintained by the membership team.

        Note: A subscriber’s profile must be created to access the directory. Go to the instructions page linked below.
        Instructions for creating your profile

        Member Handbook – 2021

        The San Diego Miata Club Handbook.

        Renewal Application

        All memberships expire on December 31 of each year. Members are encouraged to renew early starting in November, and before December 31st. Reminders are normally announced via SDMC-mail and in the Club’s newsletter, Twists & Turns. Always use the current form, available at the monthly meeting or at the following link:

        Renewal Application Rev. 10/17/2019

        Renewal Policy

        Effective January 1st 2019, SDMC policy as determined by the board of directors are as follows:

        (Bylaw Ref 10.3, 10.4) All memberships expire at the end of the calendar year and renewals are due by January 1st. Dues are considered delinquent 30-days after that. Dues renewals not received or postmarked by January 31st will be subject to a $5.00 late fee. ($35.00 dues +$5.00 late fee)


        (Bylaw Ref 10.2) Partial year dues apply to new members only. A member with delinquent dues does not qualify for Partial Year Dues by waiting until July 1st. In order to qualify for partial dues the member must have been away from the club for a minimum of one year.


        Members with delinquent dues can be dropped from membership rolls, mail and e-mail list as soon as March 1st. Members with delinquent dues are not eligible to take part in SDMC-subsidized events such as the annual Summer Picnic or Holiday Party.

        Club Name Badge

        Link to Order Form

        SDMC Logo Name Badge
        Plastic badge with white background and SDMC logo, name, color and nickname of car all in black.
        Badges are ordered with the order form provided. The badges will be shipped directly to your residence.

        $10 each
        Includes shipping