Fun Run Tips

Fun Run Tips for Everyone’s Enjoyment

Our goal is to have an enjoyable day driving our Miatas. Everyone’s fun will be enhanced by following these simple guidelines.


  • Arrive at the starting point early, with a full tank of gas.
  • If you are going to meet the group en route or leave the group before the end, tell us.
  • When parking in a business parking lot, use the back areas of the lot so their paying customers have places to park.

Safety First:

  • Stay within the posted speed limit (The yellow speed signs on curves are advisory speeds). If traffic is going slower than the speed limit stay with the traffic flow.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Do not pass on double yellow lines or on curves. Pass only when legal and safe.
  • Use your turn signals.
  • When stopping at a queue point or corner, make sure you pull completely off the road.
  • When returning back into traffic from a queue up, everyone should drive diagonally out into the lane at the same time like a La Mans race start. This will get the group moving quicker and is safer.
  • The lead Miata will establish the pace for the group. Do not drive faster than your comfort level. Positions at the rear are best for you if you wish to go slower. If you find yourself falling behind the car ahead, take up a position toward the rear of the line at the next queue up point. Don’t drive unsafely to keep up.

On the Road:

  • If you lose visual contact with the car behind you, wait at the next turn (“Bread Crumb” the change in direction). When you are sure the car behind is able to see your Miata, you may then continue. This ensures that no one gets lost or falls too far behind. This is the single golden rule that keeps a Fun Run fun!
  • Use common sense, be courteous and obey the law.
  • When we are making a turn and there are two turn lanes, or when we are driving straight through an intersection that has two lanes, use both lanes.
  • Our line of cars should not dominate the road. If others are trying to pass us, let them. If a member of our group wants to pass you, let them.
  • Solo drivers (without passengers to help navigate) buddy up and follow a car with two persons aboard. Two-way radios users can and will help maintain communications up and down the line.
  • If you want the group to stop (and do not have a two-way radio), flash your lights. If the car behind you flashes its lights, flash yours until the leader pulls over.
  • If you need to pull over, turn on your flashers and pull off the road. The sweep car will stop behind you.
  • If you pass the leader of the group, or if you pull over and wave the sweep car past, you have effectively left the group and are on your own.
  • If you are not feeling up to par, tell the leader. We will find someone to drive for you, no questions asked.