SDMC Email Group

SDMC E-mail List and Membership Roster

The majority of club communication is conducted via E-mail. SDMC uses to accomplish this. The SDMC group is named and is available only to SDMC members. Follow the instructions below to join the SDMC-mail group, send messages to the club, and access the membership roster.

Joining the SDMC-mail Group

  1. Go to .
  2. Click the button labeled “Apply for Membership to This Group” on the bottom left side of the page.
  3. Enter the E-mail address you want to use, you are able to use any one you desire.
    1. Note to COX subscribers: Recommend that you NOT use your cox E-mail address because of issues with their servers.
      All subscribers using COX will experience long delays and sometimes not even receive messages.
  4. Your account will be approved after confirmation of club membership
  5. The group will send you an E-mail to confirm your address.
  6. Please go into the profile section and enter your display Name, First and Last name preferred.
  7. Select a Message Delivery and Message Format option.

Sending Messages to the Club

  1. To send a message to the club, send an E-mail to
  2. Our List is a private list exclusively for the use of current members of the San Diego Miata Club. The primary purpose of this list is to promote Miata-related communications among members of the San Diego Miata Club.
  3. When sending replies to list messages, check the address list to make sure that it is addressed to the intended recipient. Don’t send a reply to the whole list if it is really meant for the original sender, especially if it has No Miata Content (NMC).
  4. In order to keep the list usable, please limit the amount of NMC posted to the list, especially with forwarded messages.
  5. Attachments are not allowed.
  6. Causes for involuntary removal from the mail list include abuse of the mail list (complaints from other list members about spam or offensive postings from a mail list member) and termination of membership in the San Diego Miata Club.