SDMC E-mail List and Membership Roster

The majority of club communication is conducted via E-mail. SDMC uses to accomplish this. The SDMC group is named and is available only to SDMC members. Follow the instructions below to join the SDMC-mail group, send messages to the club, and access the membership roster.

Joining the SDMC-mail Group

  • Go to .
  • Click the button labeled “Apply for Membership to This Group” on the bottom left side of the page.
  • Enter the E-mail address you want to use, you are able to use anyone you desire.
    • Note to COX subscribers: Recommend that you NOT use your cox E-mail address because of issues with their servers.
      All subscribers using COX will experience long delays and sometimes not even receive messages.
  • Your account will be approved after confirmation of club membership
  • The group will send you a E-mail to confirm your address.
  • Please go into the profile section and enter your display Name, First and Last name preferred.
  • Select a Message Delivery and Message Format option.

    Sending Messages to the Club

    • To send a message to the club, send an E-mail to
    • Our List is a private list exclusively for the use of current members of the San Diego Miata Club. The primary purpose of this list is to promote Miata-related communications among members of the San Diego Miata Club.
    • When sending replies to list messages, check the address list to make sure that it is addressed to the intended recipient. Don’t send a reply to the whole list if it is really meant for the original sender, especially if it has No Miata Content (NMC).
    • In order to keep the list usable, please limit the amount of NMC posted to the list, especially with forwarded messages.
    • Attachments are not allowed.
    • Causes for involuntary removal from the mail list include abuse of the mail list (complaints from other list members about spam or offensive postings from a mail list member) and termination of membership in the San Diego Miata Club.

    Access the Membership Roster

    • Go to and sign-in.
    • Click “Files” in the left bar of the page.
    • Click on the “SDMC Members Roster” folder.
    • You can open or save the current roster by clicking the roster file.

    Access Files or Pictures

    • Go to and sign-in.
    • To access the space set aside for sharing your files or images you must click on the “files” or “Photos” link in the left navigation bar.
    • You can then create a folder or album and upload your data.